COG for Glass // Resume Clarity

What if Google Glass could help those struggling with memory loss from early onset dementia?

*Submitted for Future Lions 2014 competition. 


Dementia is like walking down a hallway full of doors.

Only you don't know which rooms are locked and which are open.

People forget names of loved ones,  recent events, where they are,

even who they are.


There are over 7 million new cases of dementia every year,

roughly equaling one new case every 4 seconds.

That's a lot of locked doors.


Introducing Cog for Google Glass.

A master key for those affected by early stages of dementia.  

Cog intuitively augments reality and helps the user regain their independence.

Users and caretakers alike build a personalized and assistive system ensuring life stays recognizable.


Cog features:

facial-recognition technology to help identify friends and family,

gentle alerts for medical reminders,

geo-location to help guide users home or to a loved one’s location,

and the ability to augment the user’s field of vision with discrete digital labeling,

all of which help users establish a routine and stay independent.


Living with a debilitating disease doesn’t have to mean living disconnected from what matters.    

Cog’s features aim to instill confidence, restore memories, and re-establish dignity lost due to dementia.

Cog for Glass, resume clarity.


Patrick DeWitt: Strategy/Planner

Kelly Buckley: Writer/Strategy

Tanner Heffner: Writer/Editor

Gina Wall: Art Director/Designer