Domino's // Twitch Delivery

Or what some in the office called, "the $20 media plan." 

Twitch is not only one of the largest streaming sites for video games, but for other forms of entertainment as well. We discovered an improv piano player (pianoimproman) who takes live requests from his fans on Twitch. His account was steadily gaining popularity after a post on Reddit blew up, so we decided to seize the opportunity and engage with him. How, you may ask? By sending him a pizza during one of his live streams. On the house.

I asked Domino's to write this secret message inside the box:

"Inspiration in a box. We love what you do and want to hear your take on a pizza song."

After the pizza was delivered and the message read, he and his wife did something pretty incredible––they gave us a huge shout out and delivered a one-of-a-kind Domino's jingle.

Total cost to do this was the price of a large pizza and we reached over 7,000 viewers live.

Sometimes you gotta think small.

Check out  the jingle for yourself:


Even Chuck Porter liked it:


CD: Peter Knierim 

ACD: Brian Fouhy

AD: Craig Bishop

CW: Kelly Buckley

Producer: Jake Johnson