DDB // New Hire Book

Core DDB philosophies, using a mix of Bernbach's words and my own. 

There are only a few of these bad boys in circulation, so if you're having trouble reading my words, scroll down for the text version.



CCO: Icaro Doria 

Head of Art: Bruno Oppido 

CW: Kelly Buckley




You have to live in the current idiom in order to create in it. You have to be excited, and truly enjoy following new art forms, writing styles, and the ever-changing dynamics of human relationships in order to create relevant work that leaves an impression.

We’re in the business of creating provocative, attention-grabbing ideas that make people stop and think.

Old, outdated, expired ideas aren’t appealing to anyone; but if your thinking is hot, fresh, and out of the oven, people will automatically crave your ideas.

Keep yourself fresh, and the work will speak for itself.



The ones who dare to be different.

The ones who act with courage, questioning everything.

The ones who go confidently in their own direction, never hesitating, even for a second.

They are the ones who blaze new trails.

They are the ones who shape culture.

They are the ones who own the future.

If you aren’t brave, and you don’t take risks, you’ll never know what could’ve been.  That’s a disservice to you, your work, and the rest of the world that could have been persuaded and inspired by it.



The more energy you put into something, the greater the chance it will take on a life of it’s own.

Great work happens when you’re out exploring, observing, moving and staying hungry. No one is going to hand you a polished campaign on a silver plate. It doesn’t happen that way.

Old dies for new, and with that, the energetic paint the future, while the passive stay stagnant.

Always keep moving, and you’ll always find inspiration to create and push past the boundaries of the ordinary.



Fail faster. Fail harder. Fail smarter.

However you do it, be sure you fail.

Failing is essential to your work.

When you fail, you discover things that you otherwise might have missed. The memorable never emerged from a formula, and there really is no correct way to come to an idea.

Creative work is a process, and the process is nothing without failure.

If you aren’t failing, you aren’t creating.

If you aren’t creating, you aren’t living up to your potential.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

Never fear failure, and you’ll never look back.



When an idea is born, you may hesitate to share it.  You may overthink it, shy away from your initial thought, and convince yourself it doesn’t matter.

Don’t do this.

When you doubt and second-guess, you’re immobilizing your idea.

In the words of Bill Bernbach, “It’s like love––the more you analyze it, the faster it disappears.”

Let your ideas run free, and don’t be afraid of what others may think. The more you overthink and analyze your idea, the quicker it will fade into the background, and you might’ve lost the opportunity to make something uniquely amazing with the potential to speak to the world.



Breathe life into your dreams, and be proactive with your ideas.

If you sleep on it for too long, your ideas and dreams will slowly drift into a void space, where they might not be able to be found again.

Don’t press the snooze button. Stay active, and give your thoughts love and attention.

Act daily, no matter how small the act is––always try to inch closer and closer to the soul of your thoughts.

Allow yourself a chance to turn your dreams and ideas into the next piece of great, influential work.



We’re here to provoke thought and turn heads.

We aren’t here to watch paint dry on the walls or show clients the expected and ordinary.

Our job is to challenge convention and present ideas that shake people out of their chairs.

Only boring people get bored.

Be interested. Be interesting.

You’re shaping and creating culture every day.

Make it exciting, and most importantly, make it unforgettable.

At the end of the day, we want people to walk away feeling touched and moved. No one counts the number of ads you’ve run––they only remember the impression you made.

Make it count.