WCFF // Endangered Love

The only thing going extinct is the missionary position. 

Endangered animals need our help when it comes to procreating.

So how do you get people to pay attention to sex? More sex.

The idea started as a kama "zoo"tra book and it evolved from there. I was tasked with creating sex position names for endangered animals. Hundreds of names later, we boiled it down to four endangered species: Gorillas, Pandas, Sloths, and Rhinos. 

The sex positions were then turned into posters which turned into merch which turned into this.

All proceeds go toward saving these species from extinction so they can live long, sex-filled lives.



D&AD: Wood Pencil

One Show: 2 Silver Pencils

One Show Design: Merit



CCO: Icaro Doria 

CD: Thiago Carvalho, Bruno Oppido

CW: Tom Mandel, Lindsey Dyer, Kelly Buckley, Andrew Hurwitz

AD: Diego Limberti, Cara Johnson, Betsy Appling

Designer: Diego Limberti

Illustrator: Carlos Paboudjian

Producer: Myles Potters, Ed Zazzera

Agency Producer: Amanda Van Caneghem